Follow the Journey to 1 million XRD

Starting from just 2500 $XRD, the goal is to reach 1 Million XRD. By being active in the Radix Ecosystem. From trading new NFT’s, investing in projects or winning stuff in giveaways. The goal is to grow organically, in a way that everybody can do. 

Be a part of the Journey

Join the journey and support it. Follow, contribute, interact and share ideas. Also you are welcome to join in the action of purchasing NFT’s. And the fun part? For every 1 $XRD spent, you will receive 1 $JTM in return!

$JTM is more then a token of gratitude

As a part of the Journey, 1 million $JTM have been minted. These serve as tokens of gratitude and appreciation to supporters of the journey. But that’s not all. It opens the door for exclusive auctions, giveaways and much more. 

The tokenomics for short

$JTM gives you more then just a token of appreciation. Next to exclusive auctions and giveaways, you also are really a part of the journey. $JTM is so much more then just a fun token. 

During the Journey, you get:

  • Access to $JTM exclusive auctions
  • Giveaways exclusive for $JTM holders*
  • Part of a fun community*

After reaching the Million, you get in addition:

  • A share of 100k $XRD**
  • 30% of profits made by the project any further**


*A minimum amount of $JTM might be required to qualify. 
** The specific amount and percentage might be changed