Jordon Tyler Jones ☑

Verified on: 03-08-2022

Jordon Tyler Jones has chosen to provide more personal details towards the Radicts team. The following items have been disclosed to the team:

☑ Jordon has uploaded and verified his ID
☑ Jordon has shown his ID during a videocall
☑ Jordon has provided personal contact details (Phone, E-mail)


  • Gnome Society (Project Lead)
  • Buff Wild Crew (Advisor

Verified info:

Twitter: @JTJ_Radix
Telegram: @jordontylerjones
Radix Wallet: rdx


We might or might not get paid to do this verifying bij the project owners. This is part of our own due diligence. Do Your Own Research before investing, we do not guarantee any information to be correct.

All information is private information and will not be made public, unless it's forced by authorities. Also not in the event of a so called rug, failure or scam. This information is part of the private research of Radicts, but we choose to do show that we have verified this. However, in the case of a rug, scam or failure, we will do our best to contact the member and mediate in a solution.

Even when a project owner has shown more prove about who they are, there is a probability that the project is a scam or will fail. It might also be that information provided is fake or falsified. We do not guarantee anything, are not affiliated with or do not