$DNT to Defi

Started just as ‘my own 100k message’ on Radit, it now has grown to a token to use in Defi opportunities around Radix. 

Share into the future

$DNT Token holders will benefit from the Defi opportunities, and get a share from the revenue generated by it.

It’s financed by DNTwah, and he will do his best to put the token to best possible use. 

$JTM vs $DNT

$JTM is part of the Journey to a Million. It will benefit from everything achieved with the journey. $DNT stands seperate from this. It does not benefit in any way from this. $DNT holders only benefit from profits made to liquidity pools, lending and other opportunities that arrise.

The tokenomics for short

$DNT gives you a share of profits made with the $DNT token. Currently this is:

  • Liquidity pool on CaviarSwap
  • Liquidity pool on OciSwap

Of those revenues, in the future (when the pools have enough ‘body’), you will receive a share if this profit, if you hold $DNT.

Nothing is set in stone, and nothing will be set in stone, until it’s babylon and smartcontracts are there. Up to that moment, anything can change, at any moment.