Welcome to the Journey to a Million $JTM

Starting from just 2500 $XRD, the goal is to reach 1 Million XRD. This is done by being active in the Radix Ecosystem, providing value and offering NFT’s up for sale, the $JTM token and more fun things. 

Be a part of the Journey

Join the journey and support it. Follow, contribute, interact and share ideas. Also you are welcome to join in the action of purchasing NFT’s. And the fun? By being part of the $JTM journey you can get a piece of the pie.

$JTM is more then a token of gratitude

As a part of the Journey, 1 million $JTM have been minted. These serve as tokens of gratitude and appreciation to supporters of the journey. But that’s not all. It opens the door for exclusive auctions, giveaways and much more. 

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The tokenomics in short

$JTM gives you more then just a token of appreciation. Next to exclusive auctions and giveaways, you also are really a part of the journey. $JTM is so much more then just a fun token.

General overview:

  • 1.000.000 $JTM are minted
  • Resource Adress: resource_rdx1thw0cfmj70kn0xc0sgvchz04cfry9lwnd6q553jg8mhp52d2jvru3f

Distribution of $JTM: 

The $JTM token will be distributed over supporters of the Radicts Channel and growth. This means that you will receive $JTM with every purchase of a qualifying NFT, Token or whatever is being offered. 

  • For every 1 $XRD spent on a purchase from Radicts, you will receive $JTM in return
  • The specific amount of $JTM you receive will change over time. This will reduce with 50% every 200k $JTM distributed.
    • The first 200k $JTM distributed: 1:1 (1XRD gives you 1JTM)
    • The second 200k $JTM distributed: 1:0,5 (1XRD gives you 0,5JTM)
    • The third 200k $JTM distributed: 1:0,25 (1XRD gives you 0,25JTM)
    • The fourth 200k $JTM distributed: 1:0,125 (1XRD gives you 0,125JTM)
    • The remaining 200k will be for the team
      • 100k used for liquidity (provided by DNT)
      • 100k used for fun and their own gains

Liquidity of $JTM

100.000 $JTM is set aside for providing liquidity on exchanges and will by the allmighty DNT.

  • The initial rate will be 1:5 (1XRD for every 5JTM)
    • It will be split on multiple exchanges to give a fair chance
    • Not all 100k will be provided at once but will become available over some time.

The benefits of having $JTM

Next to supporting the project and making sure the channel can stay free for all – making Radix more accessible for all users, you get more with $JTM. 

  • Access to $JTM exclusive auctions
  • Giveaways exclusive for $JTM holders
  • Potential airdrops by projects featured in the channel
  • Be part of a fun community

But that is not all. The $JTM is called because it is the Journey to a Million XRD. The goal is to have at least 1.000.000 $XRD with the Radicts wallet. And $JTM holders will get a share of this. 

  • Every time that the wallet reaches 250k $XRD, the Journey to a Million will be paying out 50% to $JTM holders.
    • 125k $XRD will be divided over $JTM holders
    • 125k $XRD will be send to the team
  • After reaching this goal 4x, the Journey to a Million is reached! This means, 1.000.000 is made by providing value to the Radix community. But that will not be the end, the Journey will continue. The splitting of XRD will keep on happening – for as long as possible. **

** If legal issues prevent us from doing this, we will act accordingly but will always try to give the same value to $JTM holders – a 50% benefit over what $JTM is making. 
*** Be aware: this is done manually. The numbers might not be exact, and it might not be exactly happening at 250k $XRD, but for example at 260k $XRD. There is also no guarantee on any timeline. 

Any investments are at your own risk, you have a high chance of loosing all your funds.