Fractals bring stunning math based art to Radix.
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Algorithms creating art? Yes, it is possible. And stunning it is with that. The RadicalFractals are a unique collection with 10k pieces of art.

Abstract in a beautiful way

No lies – the art is stunning. You can drown in them for hours, find interesting images and shapes in them (like ships, faces, skulls,…). Each and everyone has it’s unique vibe. It makes it great as wallpapers on your digital places, as your profile pic and more.

Rare is not the right word

The Fractals don’t necessarily work with rarity scales, as you often see in NFT projects. That doesn’t make them any less collectors worthy. There are not specific traits to it, no special attributes. Yes, certain algorithms are less available in the collection – but rarity is not the focus. There are things like siblings (the same with different colors), collections and pieces of a puzzle. It makes you want to collect those and bring families back together.

Selling out within days

The whole collection of 10k pieces got sold out within 2 weeks. That is with a hard cap of 50 fractals per wallet. People seem to love them, and are excited to see where they can go to in the future.

Extra utility with Julia

With the Fractals you get a token called Julia. This will give you the option to name a fractal, to like them and in the future maybe more. There will be future airdrops of them to Fractal holders, so make sure to get them early on (if you can).

What the future will bring is always unknown. But id doesn’t matter what happens with them, you for sure get some awesome art that you can use in multiple ways.

Practical info

Token Name: FRACTAL
Price: 30
Genesis Collection: 10000
Total Supply: -2


Geometricianz: M34bZ
Geometricianz: M1lch



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