Radish Eco

Are you Radi for some Radish fun? Cute artwork with great future potential? You're looking in the right spot with these radishes.
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Are you Radi for some Radish fun? Cute artwork with great future potential? You’re looking in the right spot with these radishes.

Team is ready to commit

The team is commited to make a whole ecosystem on Radix. And when we say commited, it is. The founder works full-time on Radish world, even while Radix is still in Beta. The founder has done the ultimate doxxing by sharing his drivers license. Not bad for some commitment.

Now commitment alone is not a guarantee on succes. You also need developers that can code. That can do their shit. Well – we never know until it’s released. But from what is shown until now, I think there is a proper chance that the team can take it a far.

Marketplace and utility

The $SEED gives you a cool radish when it’s harvesting time. It’s done in three seperate runs, where the first run goes for 200XRD; second for 250XRD and the third for 300XRD. Holding radishes gives you $RDS during monthly airdrops, which will be the main token of the Radish Ecosystem. The earlier you are in on the NFT’s, the more $RDS you get, the more future value you can create.

They are planning to build a whole ecosystem around the Radish world. From a marketplace for NFT’s to a game ánd a dex. They are hungry and just eating their own created Radish NFT’s is not going to cut it for them. Let’s go Radish, I root for you.

Ambitious goals

Radish Eco has an ambitious goal. However, with a dedicated team member like Mik, this is not unrealistic to reach. We never know what the future will bring, but at least you will get some cool Radish images!

Practical info

Token Name: $SEED
Price: 200XRD
Genesis Collection: 10000


Team Lead: Mik



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