Radix Panda’s

These lovely little animals are loved by the whole community. No pretentious stuff, just cute art.
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No putting it under chairs, I love the panda’s. They have been one of the first projects to attract me to Radix and it’s community, and it’s the project that started it off.

No pretentious sh*t. Just art.

What I like a lot is that there are no claims on utility, no building a DAO, no nothing. That might sound weird, but I love it. It’s created for the art, and you like it or you don’t. You buy a cute panda, the one you like, that’s it. And it’s matched with the price of just 20XRD each, which is very fair for the effort that has been put in it.

A team with a story

The panda’s are created by Max and his wife. Next to being helpful and friendly members of the community, it’s cool to see a project being run by a couple. As his wife is the designer of the Panda’s, Max is the connection with the community.

Non-random random distribution

Say what?

Well, it started as a non-random distribution. At the start of the project, that was the common way to launch. However there is a transition towards a random distribution of an ‘Abandoned Panda’ collection. Basically anybody who bought panda’s has a random chance to get marked to receive one. When you receive one, you can exchange it with any panda in your collection (or from the collection that is still for sale). This will give a random layer on top of the non-random distribution, which is super cool!

The future of Panda’s

Well if you come here through Google, and you think are thinking about the panda’s living in Southwest China – sorry, this is about the Panda’s living on Radix. The panda’s on Radix won’t go extinct, but will become more rare. Max might add more utility to it, but maybe not. There is no need, as the art itself is already great. Who doesn’t want a firefighter panda?

Practical info

Token Name: Panda
Price: 20XRD
Genesis Collection: 10.000


Project Lead: Max



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