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The Buffs are ready to take over the Radix world. It's one of our favorite projects in the scene.
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The Buff Wild Crew. You can’t go around them if you want to play with NFT’s in Radix. From epic design to a rapidly growing community, you can find it in the crew.


The team consists of a few persons and some great advisors. They are doxxed, and active in the community. You can’t really go wrong with them.

The Collection

With 10k buffs there is a lot available. For now at least, until Radix is big. There are 90 unique ones in that collection. Furthermore you have for example special traits that are a killer combination. Think about Double Baby’s, or matching Cyborgs.

Apart from the original 10k collection, they have reserved the possibility to also add 500 One-offs. These will be unique and next to the genesis collection. In this collection you find a group that has been airdropped to early holders; but also for example a magnificient Ghost Buff – already valued at over 15k XRD.

The original price of each Buff was 100XRD – at the time that XRD was around $0,06

The future of Buff

I think it will be great. The community is growing and active, the team seems dedicated and it’s one of the more succesfull projects on Radix. At the time of writing it’s not sold out yet, but they have cool stuff coming up.

As always, Do Your Own Research. Don’t invest with any money that you can’t afford to loose. Nothing is financial advice, and – have fun on Radix.

Practical info

Token Name: BUFF
Price: 100 XRD
Genesis Collection: 10.000


Team Lead: Chillybook
Designer: Hammy
Community Manager: Jordon Tyler Jones ☑



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